#009 Sewing Seeds in Tasmania

Hey beautiful people, It is a transitional time for me, and it seems also for many others. As above, so below. The micro and the macro. When I notice patterns of similarity between my smaller personal patterns and those in the larger community around me, I can't help but think about how these patterns of

#007 another day in the desert

We are on our way back to Sydney for a quick visit before we head into the heart of the country. Queensland has been good to us, it is a special place and we got to share our time with some truely magical people, in some just as magical places. I am very grateful. I

Therapeutic Tattoo Recount- Geoff

Closing it off - My friend Geoff I started tattooing Geoff around 8 yrs ago. Its safe to say that we became good friends quickly. Geoff trusted me a lot, offering me large areas of skin to practice my tattooing technique in the early years. Geoff asked me to do a tattoo for him on

Seven questions to… The Mark of Nara

Below is a little interview I did recently for Ambra check out her other interviews on atattoostory. The process, Nara says, encloses three aspects: the physical, the metaphysical, the spiritual. In the end, what you get from Nara is a therapeutic tattoo. Actually focusing on large scale geometric and pattern-based pieces, Nara believes that each tattoo

#006 Looking To Nest, Where To Next?

Hey everyone, We are back from Thailand and have already ventured North to Queensland. We chose to stop in some beautiful places on the way and were forced to stay in others due to the heavy rain and flooding. I also managed to get a long awaited tattoo for myself from a good friend and

#005 Sacred cloth + Bookings Open April.

Salamat bagee! I'm really happy about this email :) I will be filling you in on some of our travels so far and also taking bookings for April in QLD, australia. We have recently arrived in Bangkok. Our visit to Indonesia went a week longer then planned because of a side trip to Sumba, which

#004 – Thanks Sydney :) – Bring on the Magic

Hello again, How was the first month of 2017? For me it was an indicator of how potent the year will be. Anything we put our mind and energy to will surely succeed this year. So as we move into the second month I am focusing my lens and sharpening the vision of what I'm

#003 – Updated exhibition details + design preview / bookings

Hello Again, With only a week to go, and a last minute change to the venue I am now ready to accept booking requests for my upcoming exhibition - Tattoos with Intention. The event has been relocated to Lighthouse Tattoo Studio, which can be found at 1 Pemberton Street, Botany 2019. I have been working