Therapeutic Tattoo Recount- Geoff

Closing it off - My friend Geoff I started tattooing Geoff around 8 yrs ago. Its safe to say that we became good friends quickly. Geoff trusted me a lot, offering me large areas of skin to practice my tattooing technique in the early years. Geoff asked me to do a tattoo for him on

Therapeutic tattoo recount – Sarah

Therapeutic tattoo recount - Sarah This was my first tattoo and experience with therapeutic tattooing. I wanted to have a tattoo that would be personally meaningful. It would be more or less a physical "by product" of the values, ideas, life experiences. My 'mark' in life at present embodied in a tattoo. I experienced a

Therapeutic tattoo recount – Ninaveh

I wanted to collaborate with an artist who understands the importance of the intention in each action, pouring their creative energy into every dot and line, while holding the space for a spiritual and ritualistic tattoo session for my first piece. After Mark and I spoke about the intention of the piece, he created a

Therapeutic tattoo recount – Chris

Reminder of Meaningful Conversation I was not initially seeking a spiritual healer, and by no means was Mark claiming to be one, or to provide that service. However when in the chair you cannot hide from meaningful conversation when being tattooed by him. I did not expect this conversation, I did not know I needed