Therapeutic Tattoo Recount- Geoff

Closing it off - My friend Geoff I started tattooing Geoff around 8 yrs ago. Its safe to say that we became good friends quickly. Geoff trusted me a lot, offering me large areas of skin to practice my tattooing technique in the early years. Geoff asked me to do a tattoo for him on

#004 – Thanks Sydney :) – Bring on the Magic

Hello again, How was the first month of 2017? For me it was an indicator of how potent the year will be. Anything we put our mind and energy to will surely succeed this year. So as we move into the second month I am focusing my lens and sharpening the vision of what I'm

#002 – January 2017 Update – Sydney Exhibition + Booking Info

Hey beautiful people, I hope you are all feeling optimistic about the opportunities 2017 holds. For myself the end of 2016 was a great home run, finishing off the year by completing some on going pieces and starting a bunch of new work as well. The Present - January My appointments for January at lighthouse tattoo

Tattooing and ceremony

Have you ever been tattooed to mark the significance of an event in your life? When you think about tattoos and the process of tattooing, what images and scenarios does your mind conjure up? For most of us here in Australia we picture a buzzing tattoo machine in a tattoo shop or maybe a private studio.