Seven questions to… The Mark of Nara

Below is a little interview I did recently for Ambra check out her other interviews on atattoostory. The process, Nara says, encloses three aspects: the physical, the metaphysical, the spiritual. In the end, what you get from Nara is a therapeutic tattoo. Actually focusing on large scale geometric and pattern-based pieces, Nara believes that each tattoo

Ancient tattoos linked to healing ritual

Mysterious circle tattoos on a Peruvian mummy have been identified as containing burned plant material. The finding sheds light on a possible ancient healing practice that may have been based on similar principles to acupuncture. The 1000-year-old female mummy was found unwrapped in the sand of the desert at Chiribaya Alta in southern Peruin the

Maori Tattoos: Identity, Family, and Honor

What moko, the tattooing tradition of New Zealand’s Maori people, can teach us about self-expression. By Emily Hill Photos by Patricia Steur Today nearly one in three Millennials has a tattoo. From feathers and arrows to quotes and coordinates, ink is everywhere. And tattoos aren’t just for the hippies and punks among us, either. Never

Can tattoos be medicinal?

In his travels around the world, anthropologist Lars Krutak has seen many tribal tattoos, including some applied to relieve specific ailments “The earliest evidence we have of tattoos, not surprisingly, is cosmetic,” says Lars Krutak. Tattooed on the upper lip of a 7,000-year-old mummy from the Chinchorro culture of northern Chile and southern Peru is a