Get Tatued by Mark

What is tatu?

Most of marks time is currently being allocated to teaching and strengthening the tatu community. He is still offering tatu personally, however appointments are limited to a small number twice a year.

Bookings are open to expressions of interest and takes place over a three month period from equinox to solstice. Priority is given to participants of the tatu courses.

One-on-one tatu consulting sessions

Mark started discovering the principles of tatu philosophy through paying attention to conversations with people who were getting tatued and observing the patterns. Now that the principles are in place and people are receiving in this way, he is offering his time and knowledge to those wanting guidance or direction whether it is their first tatu or their last. This intimate consulting process is one part of the equation that should not be missed if you want to receive an intentional marking.

This offering is for those who are not in a position to get tatued by mark but would like to take advantage of his perspective on their personal approach to getting tatued or integration of tattoos they have recieved.

$250 – 1 hour online session.