The nature of my work.


My process involves being fully aware of the physical, metaphysical and spiritual aspects of tattooing. Tattoos may very well be embraced more so for aesthetic reasons in modern society, however they also play a fundamental role in facilitating transformations into new states of being.


At present I am focusing on large scale geometric and pattern based pieces. Each unique piece is developed organically and the style is shaped by my interest in the cross cultural use of motifs amongst traditional and indigenous cultures. Simple. Balanced. Black. Dots & Lines. Good use of negative space. Continuity.


I am now offering a form of therapeutic tattooing. The approach is ritualistic in nature and echoes ancient tattooing techniques without imitating them, cultivating a strong sense and connection to the sacred. It is a dynamic process I am continually developing. This experience is not for every tattoo or every client. More information is available via consultation.


I use old and new energy healing techniques to heal and connect the physical body, soul and spirit, this work is done on a subconscious level, working intuitively to rebalance the subtle energy bodies and remove blockages. This work can be done in conjunction with a therapeutic tattoo session or separately. Benefits include the release of repressed emotion, reduced stress and clarity of mind resulting in healing on the physical level.