About Mark Nara

Mark has been tatuing for 12 years, he is an eternal student of the great mystery and acknowledges he is only at the beginnings of his journey in this life cycle.

However, he has carried the alter of tatu through time. The transmissions are ancient rites needing to be reinstalled.

He has brought about massive shifts within the tattoo industry since 2012, adding to the conversation and bridging the sacred practice of intentional tattooing from the past to our current times.

His finely tuned ability to read someones energetic signature and dial in the appropriate marking is rare amongst the sea of artist claiming that responsibility today.

With a focus on propagating and establishing deep channels of tatu practice amongst people once again, Mark is being pushed to adopt the place of teacher and guide within the tatu arena.  This has forced him to tatu less and share more, sometimes wishing it was not upto him.

Be that as it may, the message is clean, clear and connected. He is paying attention, grateful, and all is as it should be.