7 Principles of Tatu Philosophy

Learn to remodel your stories, take control of how your tattoo journey unfolds and ultimately step into your body authentically and be seen.

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Right now, there's a disconnect

Between how much you’re investing into your tattoos and how much they are giving back. What do they do for you?

Maybe you’ve already embarked on the journey of getting tattooed, but you feel like you haven’t fully received? That maybe there is something more too it or something missing? 

You may even be happy with your tattoos, love them, have had great experiences but they are still part of the everyday. And you KNOW they could be more sacred, you know the process could have more reverence. 

How will the next generation wear their tattoos?

Good question. It all depends on what story you tell them about your tattoos.

Why did you get them? What significance do they have to you? Are you going to fill their heads and hearts with stories of growth, beauty, responsibility and relationships or are they just a pretty picture that’s going to go out of fashion like all popular culture?

The 7 principles of Tatu Philosophy isn’t just another “online course” with a magic step-by-step plan.

It's a modern-day initiation into the mystery, that expands your authentic capacity to step into the best version of you.

It’s time for a paradigm shift, a new way of thinking, a new way of doing, and a new way of marking and receiving

I am aiming to empower people to feel more connected to the act of getting tattooed, deepening their reasons for receiving them. 

By changing our practices now, future generations will be more aligned with the tattoo process as a right of passage and an initiation rather than a consumer product.

The Tatu Pathway IS NOT the by-product of reading a book, or taking a course, or working with a couple of clients...

Its a culmination of 12 years of experience.

I have not discovered all of this alone – having apprenticed under some very good teachers, been initiated and privy to sacred teachings. The lack of this in our current culture became very apparent. 

That’s why for the better half of the past 12 years I have focused on intentional tattooing. Walking next to thousands of people on their tatu path, I’ve been able to identify the core components and master the techniques necessary for this timeless transformation to take place.

Now it’s my turn to share.

As a practitioner of this craft, I feel a responsibility to re-install tattooing as a valuable practice within our globalised culture. That’s why I’m so focused on teaching you the core principles and philosophies to highlight the current pitfalls of our tattoo subculture and our potential future as people, dignified in our beauty. 

This level of depth and experience in my own practice equips me to deliver true, undiluted teachings and transfer the skill sets necessary to walk this path yourself.

Unfortunately, in our colonised world, you won’t find this anywhere else. 

Be the exposure for those around you and help them remember how rich tattoos can be!

What are the 7 Principles?

The 7 principles act as a guide or a walkthrough for you to use as an applicable process for your tatus. You will be lead to understand your current tatus in a completely new way while setting yourself up to be more conscious of your markings moving forward.


This principle is as it sounds all about relationships, we look at the stages involved in tatu relationships and the three main relationships effect your tatu practice.


Identify the importance and power of intention. Mark shares how he sets the intention when tatuing, using a tried and tested ritual.

The sacred

Trying to put words to the sacred aspect of tatu. All life is sacred and within tatu we honour the sacredness of each individuals life path, and record it in their skin.


There are archetypal paths and placements for tatu on the human body. For millennia markings have been following these maps and creating beautiful patterns on our skin.

Program & purpose

Each tatu has a program that we carry from the moment we receive it onwards. If it is done in a good way, and approached in an intentional manner, the program will align you with true purpose.

Tatu time

Tatus are doorways through time. Each time we receive a tatu we create a link in our chain of memory recording our past and influencing our future.


Remember who you are and ground your experiences time and time again to form a strong practice. Bear witness to your change and be held in place as you grow firms roots of self and security.

Questions + Answers

The course content is pre-recorded and uploaded onto our private learning platform. It is super user friendly and easy to navigate.

The principles are dripped out one per week with an intro week, gap week in the middle and a roundup week at the end, coming in at a total 10 week period.

There is a live Q&A each week with mark and the other participants to allow feedback sharing and community building.

The course acts as a step by step walkthrough to receive your next tatu and establish a strong, sound and safe tatu practice.

Essentially it’s so that the content is valued. It’s not about converting the masses to this way of marking, it’s for those that really want it and are committed to valuing and honouring what is contained within.

It’s about the quality of those walking the path not quantity. Putting yourself in a position to be able to participate shows ability to materialise and hold focus. 

There is sponsored, pro-bono, places available in each course. So if that is needed you can apply. It’s not about making it inaccessible to those who are in hard places but isn’t about making it easy.

Here's what you get:

You get access to this robust course, including all the videos, worksheets and a private community group so you can revise and reference the principles and connect with other students in your own time in the future. 

Expand your experience.

Map your story.
Navigate your path.
Be dignified in your skin.

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