#008 A Dreaming Place In The Desert & On Route To Melbourne.

#008 A Dreaming Place In The Desert & On Route To Melbourne.

Hey Beautiful People,

It’s that time again to fill you in on our recent movements and open my bookings for our next stop. There is only 2 days available next month as we are in the process of moving to Tasmania. I will be working on our way down from Alice springs when we stop in Melbourne.


The Past – Sydney

It was a quick stop in Sydney to visit some friends and family and regroup before our drive into the heart of the country. We mapped a course and left just as swiftly as we entered.

Last month I also did an interview for Ambra from a tattoo story, we focused on therapeutic tattooing and is worth a read. 

The Present – Central Australia

Again the unplanned seems to provided me with the most rewarding experiences. I changed my tattoo schedule for Alice springs late and unfortunately I was not able to accomodate a lot of the people who originally requested a tattoo. But, I always say it is important to trust the timing of tattoos, and they will happen when they are supposed to.

This week I got to witness a dream come true. By that I do not mean a self cultivated desire manifesting but a literal dream or vision I had a couple years back. In this vision I was sitting on red earth tattooing, and in the distance I could see the sacred silhouette of Uluru. A place I had wanted to visit for a long time.

When I sent out the email with the amended dates, a friend who I first tattooed in Tasmania a couple of years ago wrote back. He said he was only available to get tattooed a week earlier much like the other clients I initially contacted, however the dates he requested were the exact dates I was planning on being at Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. Knowing very well the open minded, pure hearted, journey man that he was I asked if he would like to meet me and tattoo at this sacred site. He graciously accepted.


I first met Kenna on the overland trek from Lake St Claire to Cradle Mountain in Tasmania. It was our 8th and final day hiking south to north and we passed Kenna on his first day heading north to south. He was leading a tour group. A few words in passing and a big smile, I left him with card and thought I would probably see him again. A couple of weeks later I ended up tattooing a large wedge tailed eagle on his chest in his home in the same room he was born in.

Now 2 years later we are at it again. So we drove out over the red dunes in our Toyota Landcruisers (these old girls are idolised in NT), pulled out the awning and set up facing the megalithic ancient being.


The traditional landowners of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park in their language call themselves Anangu [arn-ang-oo]. So I will use this word too.

The Anangu believe this land was created by the creation ancestors. In their travels they left marks in the land such as Uluru and made laws for them to live by. This is a special place and is recognised by its listing as a World Heritage area for both cultural and natural values. The natural beauty and power of their land is overwhelmingly inspiring.

While I was tattooing I couldn’t help but think about the Anangu and their laws. They refer to this as Tjukurpa [chook-orr-pa], it is the foundation of their culture and has many deep and complex meanings.

I wondered what they might think about Kenna and I sitting on their land making this marking on his skin. I had a feeling they would understand, we are not the first people to put images on skin here and I felt they were watching. They were making sure we were working in a good way, with good intention.

Tjukurpa refers to the past, the present and the future at the same time. This knowledge never changes, it always stays the same.

I know this truth deep down, the illusion of time. The presence of knowledge that is timeless and sacred. It is right here in the far horizons, space and colours of this cultural living landscape.


This time Kenna requested a sun & the flower of life on his right shoulder to start his sleeve. A fitting motif for a sun drenched land. He plans to eventually balance his left arm with a sleeve incorporating the moon on the other shoulder.

It was a powerful tattoo in a powerful place and the energy of the moment has been captured in the flesh. Kenna took it all in with his usual calm presence, and I went into my usual place when doing the work. At the end of the session when I began to tattoo the central governing point of the sun by hand, whistling my medicine tune the wind picked up. Just for a moment it filled up and moved through the space we had created, recognising us and what we were doing.

I was so happy, feeling a reassuring pat on the back, seeing a vision come to life. I feel like I made a connection with the land and my brother Kenna.

Thank you Anangu and thank you Kenna.

The Future – Melbourne & Tasmania

We will be leaving the Northern Territory in under a week and driving straight down to Melbourne. I will be taking bookings for 2 days before heading to Tasmania.

Bookings our now open for:
Melbourne – July 2nd and 3rd

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