#007 another day in the desert

#007 another day in the desert

We are on our way back to Sydney for a quick visit before we head into the heart of the country. Queensland has been good to us, it is a special place and we got to share our time with some truely magical people, in some just as magical places. I am very grateful.

I will tell you more about some of these great friends below, as well as open up the bookings for Central Australia.


Arts Elemental – Turumakina & Ify Refini

“A collaboration of indigenous artists infusing ancient knowledge and spiritual wisdom into Ta Moko, Maori Healing Art and Sacred Geometry.”

I flew to New Zealand last minute in November 2015. After finding out rather late about an indigenous tattoo convention that would be hosting 30+ traditional artists from all over the globe.

I arranged to crash at a friends place and as fate would have it another couple of artists were staying at the bros place as well. I was instantly reminded of how open and welcoming the Maori people are, their homes are always full of family and friends, always.

Tu & Ify were the other artists staying at our mutual friends home. They were both working at the convention and instantly made me feel like we had known each other a long time, offering me rides to and from the show and respectfully introducing me to their network of friends (who were all amazing artists in their own rite). I was taken back by their kindness and was very thankful. My experience and learning at the convention would not have been the same if it was not for them. The opportunity arose to attend the artist only day, full of stories and explanations from artists of different cultures including Hawaii, Samoa, greenland and the Philippines. I also spent a night sleeping in the Marae (maori meeting house).

I have been wanting to hang out with these two incredible humans again ever since new zealand, and finally last month we got to catch up and share space at their studio just south of Brisbane. The studio Arts Elemental, is very unassuming from the outside, but once inside the feeling is both calm and powerful at the same time. It is obvious that it is a sacred space but also a family environment, which makes it very comfortable for clients and guests.

I have been to many shops and private studios and their space by far has one of the best feelings. I mentioned this to Tu and he told me “its all about energy management, something that not a lot of studios understand”. They start off with a karakia (Maori incantation) to cleanse the energies as well as calling on ancestors. They also cleanse the studio before and after every client with blessed sea water, this is similar to how I use of sage or palo santo in my own practice.

Tu’s art form is heavily based around Maori ancient knowledge and derives from a cantered space of consciousness and spiritual wisdom. For him, “Moko is a journey of self-discovery, a symbol of spirit, mana, whakapapa (genealogy) and most of all, life force.”

Ify on the other hand focuses on sacred geometry, which is the architecture of the universe and its sacred creation. Her aim “is to portray (her) artwork as a visual connector to the consciousness we are all a part of, reminding us that we are all cosmic diagrams of limitless potential”.

I highly recommend following their journey and work. If you have any questions about getting something tattooed or receiving a healing from Turumakina or Ify I’m sure they will be happy to help. The studio website, facebook and instagram are below.




Thanks again for making us feel like part of the family.

Therapeutic tattoo recount – Geoff

“The concept of tattooing has never been the issue, it is where they are put on the body and the perception from the external world that has been the issue… I have since started a full sleeve that empowers my positive energy in combating both my internal dialogue and my external world.”

I closed off this piece for a good friend while up the coast. It has been a long and rewarding journey. You can read the full recount on my blog page.


We are on our way back to Sydney on the New England highway. I much prefer this inland route over the coastal Pacific highway. The open space and the presence of the old mountain ranges are just beautiful. I don’t feel as rushed when we take this path. We will only be back in Sydney very briefly so don’t get too excited, there isn’t any tattoo time available. However if you would like too simply discuss a future project you can send me an enquiry through the booking form.


After stopping in Sydney we are heading into the red centre, I will be doing a small block of work in Alice springs for both new and existing clients. However I will be prioritising existing work.

Bookings are open for:
Alice springs, June 12th-18th.

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