#004 – Thanks Sydney :) – Bring on the Magic

Hello again, How was the first month of 2017? For me it was an indicator of how potent the year will be. Anything we put our mind and energy to will surely succeed this year. So as we move into the second month I am focusing my lens and sharpening the vision of what I’m moving towards. I look forward to unwrapping more possibilities and ways of working with tattooing so that I can share and be of service to you.

The Past – January

The first tattoos for the year were on an old friend and his partner. It was his first tattoo, the design was a classic black and grey rose to mark the birth of their first child “Ava Rose”, congratulations. The last tattoo of this month was also on a good friend, this time a veteran with hardly any room left on his arms. We moved onto the palm, a mentally challenging but very rewarding space to receive. Well done mate.

Jeerish and I have not rested this month, planning and executing a small and humble exhibition, trying to accomodate everyone in Sydney that wants to get tattooed before we leave, and packing up our apartment. The whole time we have been filled with excitement for what the rest of the year holds for us. Watching all the loose ends of life in Sydney being tied up makes me so happy. I can already feel the healing qualities of being on the road. My mind and body have been longing for that familiar re-calibration that comes with living day to day in the flow. Every time, my mind slows down, my heart opens a little more and my work is influenced by the new palette of experiences.


The Exhibition – Tattoos with Intention.

The show was an interesting example of how the universe works. It was a forced hand. After agreeing with an old university acquaintance to exhibit at his gallery, I began working on artwork, framing, promoting, preparing. A week out he had a change of heart over some finer details ($$$) and we moved the event to Lighthouse. This felt rather fitting considering I have been there since the doors opened in 2011 and I am about to leave not only lighthouse but Sydney for an undetermined amount of time. It was a great opportunity to catch our circle of friends before we leave.

I was reminded that when things are done with good intention life will support you even if you feel like your falling, it may just be redirecting you. Always trust in the process.

In the end the evening was a success, 4 artworks sold and 6 people were tattooed over the weekend. The money from the art works will go towards a charity fund to be used on our travels and we will report on that in a future email. Prints will be available soon.

Thank-you to everyone that came to support. I felt so grateful seeing what an amazing circle of good people are around us. Again Jeerish is instrumental in my life and the exhibition was no exception she put so much time and effort into it. Also our families helped pull it together. My father and brother giving lighthouse studio a new coat of white paint, and Jeerish’s family bringing the food and equipment. Seeing everything form around the evening was very special. I thank everyone involved.

The Present – Bookings for February

I am now booking for the following dates and locations:

  • 1 spot remaining in Bali – February 20th.
    Thailand – March.


The Future – Thailand March

Sak Yan
In March there is a traditional Sak Yan festival in Thailand, this is the reason for our trip. Sak means tattoo in thai, and Yan means Yantra. Yantra tattooing originated 2000+ yrs ago in southern China and northern Vietnam. Yantras are a type of mystical diagram that incorporate sacred geometry, animals and incantations. They are tattooed by buddhist monks and magic practitioners known in Thailand as Rishi.

I have been wanting to attend this ceremony for a long time and am glad to have finally made the commitment. My own practices parallels Sak Yan and many other traditional ways of tattooing without having been directly touched or influenced by them. This is one of the reasons I have been eager to see them in action. Hopefully allowing me a deeper understanding and different perspective on what I do. Anyone who would like to join us for this event is also welcome. I will be recounting our experience in a future email for those who are interested and cant make it.

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