#001 – 2016 review – Booking January 2017

Hey beautiful people, I’m sending this email to say thank-you for all the support that you’ve given me. It’s been a really fantastic year. To those who have received tattoos thank-you and to everyone that is waiting patiently thank-you.
This monthly email will function as the booking platform for anyone who would like to receive a tattoo, a healing or to get involved in other events. The dates and locations of available appointments will be listed here.You will receive a monthly update outlining information about:

  • THE PAST, monthly recount and photos.
  • THE PRESENT, where we are and what is happening.
  •  THE FUTURE, a projection of the following month.

We will be timing our movements to coincide with gatherings, ceremonies and other events of interest and will provide information on those as well.

I have felt privileged to pour my heart and energy into so many beautiful works and meet so many beautiful people this year.

Last year in 2015 Jeerish and I spent a lot of time on the road. I found this a very nurturing environment for the work that I’m doing and an amazing opportunity for the people that received tattoos during this time. It’s difficult to explain in typed words the magic that we got to experience while creating these markings.

Everyone that travelled to get tattooed now has their own story. Seeing each person take “time-out” from their busy lives and travel to a sacred space that I temporarily set up was really awesome. They were very present, and I could feel their intention and commitment. From my experience this is sometimes missing in fast paced studios.

After spending the majority of this year in Sydney working through the waiting list, we have decided that 2017 will be spent on the road again. We will be moving with purpose and planning our travel to destinations that will develop ourselves and practices. This may provide those who want to join the same opportunities.

Bookings for 2017

I am now booking for the following dates and locations:

  • Sydney – January 3rd – February 10th

Everyone who has been waiting this year is receiving this email.

My booking system is going to operate differently to last year. I will be booking as the dates and locations of my movements are confirmed. This means that although not everyone on the current list will get a spot in this block, the wait time between this block and the next will be much shorter. If you choose to remain on this mailing list you will receive an email whenever there is an opportunity to book and there will be many in 2017.

I will be taking on the projects that resonate with me most. Due to this I am asking that you all revisit your ideas and resubmit your request below. I have spoken to many of you and know you have been waiting patiently,  and while I am grateful for this, I cannot physically do all of the work and apologise to anyone that does not get an appointment this time around.

make an appointment
For those who are interested…

I will be providing up-to-date information about my practice as it continues to evolve, especially in its therapeutic nature. For me tattooing is a complex system. It’s not always as simple as preparing a drawing for a client and then tattooing it. Its composed of intention, emotion and harmonics, creating a recipe that is unique to each client. I have found this always supports their vision as the mark becomes a carrier of energy and creates its own field.

In the new year I will be communicating a lot more via email so please don’t hesitate to reply if you feel like asking about anything specific I’ll do my best to get back to each and everyone of you.

Many of you have expressed to me that family or friends would also like to be placed on the waiting list. Please feel free to direct them HERE.

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