The core of Mark Nara's tatu philosophy is...

To be dignified in your beauty

What is tatu?

Technically sound tattooing combined with spiritual knowledge. Getting tatued means focusing on the deeper reason for marking your skin and how that impacts your life.

Its a choice to invest more then just an area of skin, some money and a little bit of time. It requires work, and commitment before and after the ink goes into the skin.

Conscious attention to detail and the dedication to walk a life long path of being integral to yourself and those around you.

tattoos with intention Podcast

The Tattoos with intention podcast by the mark of Nara is the go-to podcast for intentional tattoo conversation and information. Mark has open dialogue with intentional artist from around the world, revealing their stories and unpacking some of the finer details concealed within their practices.  Listen on iTunes or Spotify.


How much does a tatu cost?

$1250 per day.

Are other artists trained by Mark?

Technically he has only trained one person to tatu, his first and only apprentice. However he is currently offering 1-1 mentoring for already established artists, and an in person "giving path" intensive. So Yes, they will be listed in the appointment section of this page after completion of the "giving path" or once a mentee "graduates".

How do I choose an tattoo artist?

I always recommend going for the visual aspect first:
- what aesthetic or symbolic feeling do you get from the artists work?
- you have to resonate with what their aesthetic, and its should be consistent across styles.
Then secondly how do they feel as a person:
- can you contact them directly and have a chat? or email?
- are there any videos of them speaking or blogs you can read?

Do your homework on them and see if there is any rapport you can build. Then if you like what you see (work and person) arrange a consult.
Keeping it simple, how do you feel in response to them and their work. Does their work feel good to you? do you like what it omits? And as a person do they feel good or funny?

Do I have to do the course to receive a tatu?

No you don’t have to do the course however there is usually a much longer waiting period for those who have not done the course as participants get priority bookings. 

Most of marks clients end up forming strong relationships and continue to receive tatu over a long period of time. This means he is usually at saturation point with clients regularly and often people have to wait for gaps to start their journey with him.

Does mark run the courses in person?

Not yet but it is on the cards to run a tatu philosophy intensive in person. Also all the artist training “the giving path” will be done in person.